Disco Necklace

The disco necklace are made of five semi-precious gemstone lapis lazuli,garnet, morganite,carnelian & amazonite.This necklace are also known as combo necklaces because of combination.It is beaded by hand in wire and kept five colors natural gemstone in mind and mix it so well so that necklace looks more pretty & charming and the lock for this necklace is used 0.925 silver purity and the stone are used in it round are 2mm.The necklace length is 18inhes which is made  for dressing it close to necklace  & you can dress it with any of your dresses.


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Lapis lazuli is a blue metamorphic rock and known as lapis in short form & amazonite is semi-presious gemstone where carnelian is a semi-precious stone and it is form of silica & chalcedony mineral & garnet  belong to group of silicate minerals and last morganite belong beryl family.


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